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Residual income and Leveraged income are the secrets of the wealth. Residual income is the income that keeps coming month after month year after year; from a work you do just once. It’s like royalty; you record a song or write a book once and get paid again and again and again. Now, what is the Leveraged Income? There are only 24 hours a day. Hence, there is only much you can earn from your own efforts. A smart business is the one that allows you to leverage your earnings through what other people are doing. But, can you really make money through the Internet? And how you do it? You might have seen dozens of times these messages that purport to tell you; how far with a relatively small investment, you can make huge amounts of money. This is typically a pyramid scheme. So, what is exactly a pyramid scheme and what are the other ways of making money from the Internet.

What is a pyramid scheme?
The agent of pyramid scheme capitalizes on the recruiting new distributors to recruit more distributors to develop a pyramid network, from one level to another. Those people basically pay a relatively small amount of money to a few people above them with the expectation that later; very large amount of people will be making similar payment to them, ignoring the marketing of any real product or service. This scheme will not fulfill your goals because it does not work, and basically, pyramid scheme is illegal in most countries. To confuse (the prospective victims) with regard to the distinction between a legitimate multilevel marketing “MLM” and an illegitimate pyramid scheme, some pyramid agents try to pass themselves off as MLM (which is still questionable), in this case, the product is some thing that has very little inherent value, if any at all, it might be worthless reports, mailing lists, or even duplicated software-based pyramid scheme. However, there are other legitimated, and respected ways of making other source of income, the best is the compensation programs.

What is a Compensation Program?
Basically, Compensation Programs are not a get-rich-quick scheme. In Compensation Programs a company pays commissions for people “Independent representatives” for referring new customers to the business to buy a real service or a product in order to expand the business marketing. In this business, you have two sources of income, direct commissions from the sales generated by yourself, and commissions for any sales generated by any other representative you have referred to the business (don’t worry about this now). Compensation Programs is for marketing a real product or service and there are neither levels in payment nor hierarchy status unlike MLMs. Compensation programs are absolutely legitimate and legal as long as the product or service of the business is real and legal there are no laws in the world prohibiting the participation in compensation programs. This is a multi-billions dollar industry in the world, respective companies provides compensation programs to help the business to achieve its financial aims as well as people to make another source of income and to help them to achieve their financially independence. If you really want to make money, to have another residual source of income, and to achieve your financial independence, you will not find anything like the SFI Compensation Program.