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I received my first check yesterday. I still don’t understand how the compensation plan work but I don’t care, I got my first check. Much better than other program I was involved with before. I spent thousand of dollars before seeing my first check, not this time.

D. Adam (CANADA)

I have been using the internet for 6 years now and SFI is the best and most complete opportunity I have seen…everything is so simple and straight forward, there is no place for confusion.

Delroy (JAMAICA)

Becoming an affiliate with SFI seemed logical and was inexpensive. With FREE sign-up and training, it is well within anyone’s price range and affordable for those homemakers, such as myself, that want more out of their computers, more from their computer knowledge, and just more out of life.

Kimberly Rutledge (NV, UNITED STATES)

I found the goal of my life through SFI System. It’s the perfect system I’ve been dreaming about. Thank God!


If I were you, I’d join SFI this instant. I never saw anything like it in my life.

Lin Ronald (NEW ZEALAND)

If you are reading these testimonials to make up your mind to join SFI, don’t hesitate to get on board.” It just don’t get any better”, and you can quote me on that.” WELCOME

Mal Johnson (BC, CANADA)

I am not the type of person to fall into every get-rich quick scheme that comes my way. I take time and research an organization before rushing headlong into something. I have been extremely impressed with SFI and even more impressed with the the opportunities that are presented. For once, I have found a creditable organization that is going to help me reach my goals and have the future that I only dreamed possible.

Daniel Romero (TX, UNITED STATES)

SFI is a great opportunity for YOU TO START LIVING LIFE. You are surrounded by one big family from all over the world. A very positive business is yours for the taking. You’ve got to be crazy not to jump onto SFI. Start your own business today.

Luann Lepkowski (PA, UNITED STATES)

Being new to MLM, I joined several programs. Having retired, I had the time to devote to each. The ONLY one that produced a commission in the first month was SFI. The ONLY one that gave me daily reports was SFI. The ONLY one I kept was SFI. Now I’ll devote my energy to SFI. Thank you for the opportunity.

Helmut Schmidhofer (AUSTRALIA)

I joined SFI in August 2000, and I did nothing for a year. Why? Because I was distracted by going into several other business opportunities on the Internet. All I did was lose money, as program after program went out of business. I then came back to SFI and started to build my business. It is successful because I listened to my Group Leader and Executive Group Leader and visited the discussion board and training center. Don’t make my mistake and waste time. Start straight away selling products and building your powerline.


Thank you, Gery, for this wonderful home business–no setup fees, no monthly fees, and millions of products that I and all my affiliates really need. SFI is really exploding.

Khaled A Naser (YEMEN)

I’ve just started my home business, and I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity.

Courtney Ackman (PA, UNITED STATES)