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In today's world of fast-growing technology and ever expansive internet, it is effortless to make money online. Anyone with little or no experience at all can make money via the forum of the internet. Many people who are in the look-out for online jobs may require fast cash and not for a career per se. These jobs do not disappoint their seekers either as the work is usually pretty simple and straightforward. This article will try to shed light on a few of the online jobs which do not require muso as to prove the claim. MICRO JOBS Micro jobs are usually small works which do not call for a lot of work. Due to its line of work, these jobs are called short tasks. These jobs can be unimaginably simple as logging into a company's official page and executing simple tasks like opening links and visiting a particular page etcetera. Crowdsourcing works, which is about employing several people to do a small amount of work each to finish a large output like mass data entry, is another form of micro jobs that are available online. The time to complete these short tasks are a matter of minutes therefor one can do so many of these minute tasks daily. Any layman can do this work. Two of the most fantastic micro-jobs are the following: ADVERTISEMENT CLICKING JOBS is indefinitely the easiest ways to earn money. What one needs to do in this line of online work is to click on ads and view them for fifteen or thirty seconds. ONLINE SURVEYS ONLINE SURVEYS There are online surveys conducted to understand the taste and preferences of the customers. These surveys do not take much time and are very easy to understand and respond to. People who are willing to stake these surveys are paid a certain amount. In short, one can make easy money while relaxing on the couch while watching television or listening to good music. The online platform provides for more than these micro-jobs. More sophisticated job opportunities are available in this line of work like tutoring, marketing, web designing etcetera. With some or minimum t clicking jobs skillset while sans experience, one can earn a handsome amount through online jobs. These jobs can be done anywhere and anytime with no one breathing down your neck.  Students to college graduates who still have not found a way to make ends meet or are lost can take to online jobs to make ends meet.  
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